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The main CVI Melles Griot web site can be found at

From the cantons below please contact:

CVI Melles Griot
Melles Griot GmbH,
Lilienthalstrasse 30-32,
64625 Bensheim,
Tel: +49 6251 8406-0
Fax: +49 6251 8406-22

Basel Land
Basel Stadt

Sankt Gallen


From the cantons below please contact:

CVI Melles Griot
Melles Griot Industrie,
12 Avenue Jean Bart,
78960 Voisins Le Bretonneux,
Tel: +33 1 30 12 06 80
Fax: +33 1 30 60 08 51


Domain owner :
Melles Griot GmbH, Lilienthalstr.
30-32, D-64625 Bensheim
Handelsregister AG Darmstadt,
HRB 24656
Steuer-Nr. 0723914292, FA Darmstadt
UStId-Nr. DE111648016
Geschäftsführer: Peter Gerard Clifford, Michael John Cumbo

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Optics: CVI Melles Griot manufactures a variety of standard and custom lenses, mirrors, prisms, filters and other optical components. We also offer custom optics and multielement lens assemblies in OEM production quantities and custom coatings for OEM specific applications for manufacture in a Class 10,000 clean room environment.
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Lasers: CVI Melles Griot manufactures a wide variety of laser types with output ranging from the ultraviolet to the near infrared. We offer three basic types of lasers: gas lasers (helium neon, helium cadmium, and ion lasers), diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers, and semiconductor diode laser assemblies.
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Optical Assemblies: CVI Melles Griot provides a wide range of solutions for Interferometry, machine vision, microscopy as well as laser beam delivery products for beam expansion, collimation, fiber-couplings and scanning.
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Shutters: CVI Melles Griot offers reliable, multi-blade shutter mechanisms that guarantee high operational speed and near 100% light extinction including, our UltraThin™, IES™, and ExtremeService™ shutters.
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Optical Tables, Breadboards, and Vibration Isolators: CVI Melles Griot supplies vibration isolation systems, optical tabletops, and optical breadboards and workstations. In addition to our comprehensive standard range of products, CVI Melles Griot routinely designs and manufactures custom tables, breadboards, and isolation systems tailored to customer needs.
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Instruments: CVI Melles Griot provides a complete range of instrumentation to perform power and energy measurements, beam position measurements, spectral analysis and beam intensity profiling.
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Apertures & Spatial Filters: CVI Melles Griot manufactures spatial filter mounts along with a comprehensive selection of pinholes, slits, and adjustable iris assemblies for laboratory and OEM applications.
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Lab Accessories: CVI Melles Griot offers a complete line of critical laboratory items that support efficient and safe operation as well as supplies and equipment for the proper care, cleaning, and handling of optical components including, collimation testers, test targets, infrared viewers, small tools, and laser safety eyewear.
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Opto-Mechanics: CVI Melles Griot offers a complete line of opto-mechanical mounting and positioning components for laboratory, production, and OEM requirements including, miniature components, fixed or adjustable lens holders, post, rail or base mounting systems, translation stages, and actuators.
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